Josh Tumath

I’m a student from Chester in the United Kingdom studying Computer Science at Aberystwyth University. I’m an advocate for Web standards, which you’ll typically find me ranting about discussing. In the past, I’ve worked professionally as a Web developer, but am now deep in my studies.

I also like to write about the Web, so I do occasionally write articles on here to give my views on the latest events or on the OWP in general. You can find them on my blog.

Featured article

Is responsive Web design not possible on “real” Web apps?

There have been many times that I hear people say: responsive Web design cannot be done on “real” Web applications or Web sites that want to provide a rich, content-heavy user experience. Is that really so? Is that really the pessimistic attitude we should have towards our ever-evolving Open Web Platform?

Today, I updated my Web site to the latest version of WordPress. Version 3.8 has a new admin dashboard that is completely responsive. Now I can edit any page of my Web site, change the theme, disable plug-ins, etc, on any small-screened device. My smartphone is not being treated as a second-class citizen.

But you could say that WordPress’s admin dashboard has only very simple functionality. One argument against RWD-everywhere is that Web site’s with more complex features and designs cannot be translated into RWD. Doesn’t RWD require us to “dumb-down” our Web pages in order for it to be possible? Continue reading

Latest article

My thoughts on Brendan Eich’s resignation as CEO of Mozilla

I am very disappointed to hear today that Brandan Eich stepped down from his new CEO position at Mozilla because of a donation he made six years ago to a campaign supporting a controversial opinion that will in no way affect his leadership of Mozilla. And it should be noted that Brendan did not resign because he was forced to by the board, but – rather – because he chose to out of his care for the organisation.

As a Computer Science student and someone who has been following the Web standards process since I was a young teenager, Brendan is one of my role models. He has shown a greater passion for Mozilla’s mission for a free and open Web than anyone. He was the perfect choice for CEO of Mozilla. Continue reading